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    What I am doing here........

    What I am not doing.....

    Although I am a Permanent Deacon in the Archdiocese of Regina this is not the place to debate strictly religious questions like the existence of God or the Truth of the Catholic faith, if you would like to discuss that I am happy to over at my other website www.intheredeemer.com

    So what am I doing here.........

    I will be working on my writing skills and doing other creative tasks (podcasting). Also to engage with people that have similar interests. So what are those interests: politics, philosophy of language, the crisis in Western thought, the role of government, economic thought, board games, food, reading, writing, 2000 AD comics, and other random stuff

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  • Top Nine: Stuff I Read

    Come and read with me

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    Symbol & Existence

    Overlooked Philosopher

    Mostly known for his fiction (Love in the Ruins) this is an excellent book on the limits of science and how language works

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    Original Prin

    Best Canadian Author

    This book is amazing. You need to read this book and tell me why I am right.

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    Beyond Good Intentions

    Best book about Catholic morality

    Do you want to live a moral life? Do you want to live a beautiful life? Pray, go to Mass, and read this book.

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    Against Inclusiveness

    Logic meets (Un)intended Consequences

    A short book that answers the simple question "What the hell is wrong with the world?"

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    A Bloody Habit

    It is All About Fun

    A great book full of good fun and story

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    Beheading the Hydra

    You Will be Rewarded at the End

    There are better books that discuss the decline of the Western world but this book shines when it discusses how we can save the West (the last 90 pages)

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    An Essay on Liberation

    Know your enemy

    A short book that is honest about the evil intentions of the post-modernists / "wokeism" James Lindsay has put out a 4 part series reading through this influential piece of trash

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    Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages

    A Monster of a Book

    695 pages of everything you ever wanted to know about curing meat and making sausages.

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    The Scent of Time: A Philosophical Essay on the Art of Lingering

    You Know if You Know

    Any book by Byung-Chul Han will be interesting and worth your time. This is a great secular book that gives a defense for religion

  • Game I Want to Play

    if you are interested in playing this game and you are in Moose Jaw, contact me and we will make it happen

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    Hero Quest

    This game might be here for a long time. I will need four more players to make it worth playing the game.